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The Strongest You: Books & Audio

A series of self-help books with downloadable audio tracks to develop resilience and strength...

Resilience & Stress Management

Customised training and consultancy for businesses, organisations and individuals, delivered in person and virtually...

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling for stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem & relationships helps control the psychological aspects that play a critical role in difficulties. Service is available in person & video conferencing. ...

About Us

Ivana International, a small private business established by Ivana Straska (formerly Szakal) has evolved from her professional and personal experience.

Ivana has been working as a psychotherapeutic counsellor since the year 2008. At the same year, she collaborated with one of the largest counselling services in Ontario, Ivana StraskaDalton Associates. Helping people experience the greatest possible fulfillment, her practice grew bigger over time. In Ontario, she also associated with GTA Psychological Services and Dr. Bodnar & Associates. Currently residing in Yorkshire, England, Ivana has extended her work in delivering customised training.

Ivana harvested her knowledge and personal experience, and in the year 2017 published her series of self-help books & audio tracks The Strongest You. The series helps individuals find control and strength during difficulties. In her response to continually increasing mental ill health, Ivana has created a series of workshops, Resilience and Stress Management. She has also created a simple, free, web resource called Feel-Good.

After finishing her university studies, Ivana worked for the National Bank of Slovakia as an Educational Project Manager at the Institute of Banking Education. In continuing professional development, she completed courses in behavioural science, autism, cognitive behaviour therapy, cognitive processing, and mindfulness.

Ivana is a good standing member of The Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (formerly OACCPP) since 2008, and has continued to accumulate vast experience in psychotherapeutic counselling of adults suffering from mood and anxiety disorders, stress & PTSD, behavioural & emotional management.